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Didattica integrativa: Giulia Mattavelli; Chiara Crespi; Claudia Gianelli

Methods in Cognitive neuroscience: fMRI, EEG, TMS, DTI (a.a. 2019/20)


This course aims to provide a technical introduction to different methodological approaches used in cognitive neurosciences to investigate the neural bases of cognitive processing, and particularly: a) functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI, VBM, DTI); b) electroencephalography (EEG); neurostimulation (Transcranial Electrical Stimulation (tES) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) with neuro-navigation. The course will be mostly based on self-directed learning: after a minimal theoretical introduction to each of these techniques and their main potential pitfalls, attendees will be required to autonomously find solutions and develop analytic skills, for instance on related support-forums and mailing-list (e.g., also outside the classroom. Attendance is suggested to students willing to put considerable efforts in developing technical skills in the field of cognitive neuroscience.


Prof. Canessa (24 hours):
8, 15, and 22 June 2020, h. 9-13,
6, 13 and 20 July 2020, h. 9-13.

Dott.ssa Crespi (10 hours):
9 June 2020, h. 10-13,
17 June 2020, h. 10-13,
24 June 2020, h. 9-13.

Dott.ssa Gianelli (10 hours):
8 September 2020, h 10-13,
9 September 2020, h 9,30 -13,30,
11 September 2020,: h 10-13.

Dott.ssa Mattavelli (14 hours):
15 September 2020, h 9,30 -13,30,
16 September 2020, h 10 -13, 17 september
23 September 2020, h 9,30 - 13,30, 21 september
24 September 2020, h 10 -13.


SPM (Statistical Parametric Mapping) website:

and particularly the Documentation section:

and the email-list section:

2) DTI
MRIcron software page (dicom2nifti program):

FSL toolbox overview (Diffusion MRI tools):

3) EEG
Eeglab, Matlab Toolbox

Fieldtrip, Matlab Toolbox


On Electrical Neuroimaging (ask CG):

4) tDCS

Huang, Y., Datta, A., Bikson, M., & Parra, L. C. (2019). Realistic volumetric-approach to simulate transcranial electric stimulation—ROAST—a fully automated open-source pipeline. Journal of Neural Engineering, 16(5), 056006.

5) TMS
Introductory book on TMS (ask CG):

On Motor-evoked potentials (MEPs):

For analysis of MEPs:
Veta, toolbox for EMG visualization and processing

Belardinelli, P., Biabani, M., Blumberger, D. M., Bortoletto, M., Casarotto, S., David, O., … Ilmoniemi, R. J. (2019). Reproducibility in TMS–EEG studies: A call for data sharing, standard procedures and effective experimental control. Brain Stimulation, 12(3), 787–790.


Credits: 5

Nicola Canessa

Professore Associato di Psicobiologia e Psicologia fisiologica

Giulia Camilla Mattavelli

Ricercatrice Senior in Psicobiologia e Psicologia Fisiologica


Tipologia corso : Tipo c

Periodo: Semestre II

Anno accademico: 2019-2020

Luogo : Aula 1-17

Durata : 48 ore