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UME PhD Applications OPEN!

14 marzo

IUSS Pavia offers 11 scholarships for the PhD Programme in Understanding and Managing Extremes (UME)

The PhD Programme in Understanding and Managing Extremes (UME) foresees two curricula:

The UME PhD aims to train graduates and professionals with strong scientific and professional capabilities, aware of the cultural,   technical and management contents related to the understanding and management of the extreme situations caused by natural  disasters.
The key areas of study of the curriculum "Earthquake  Engineering  and  Engineering  Seismology" include topics related to seismology,  geophysics, geology, geotechnical behavior of materials and structures, structural analysis, design of new structures and assessment of   existing structures.

The PhD course aims to provide students the highest quality training with an excellent scientific and professional expertise and advanced knowledge of natural, chemical and environmental risks.
The programme ranges on the assessment and mitigation of risks related with hydrological and meteorological extremes, with geological hazards, with chemical accidents and their environmental impact.
The study areas of this curriculum include aspects of hydrology, atmospheric physics, earth physics, fluid mechanics, climatology, environmental monitoring, climate change, definition of risk scenarios, identification of mitigation actions, evaluation and management of natural, chemical and environmental risks regarding acute events and protracted exposures.

Applicants must hold before 31 Oct 2019 a Master degree or a Similar academic qualification obtained abroad recognized as comparable by the Admission Committee to the Italian qualification in terms of duration and content and deemed eligible for the purposes of taking part in the competition (preferably in  Engineering, Physics, Mathematics or similar curricula).
The application must be submitted through the online form available at IUSS
The deadline for the application is the March 14th, 2019 at 12:00 (noon, CET).

The IUSS University is located in the beautiful city of Pavia, North of Italy.
For more information, please consult the Call for Applications in the UME PhD webpage

Contact details for submission of applications:
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