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Lecturer: Dott.ssa Marta Bosia

Cognition, social cognition and pragmatics in schizophrenia: from deficit to recovery a.y. 2021/22


Schizophrenia, a severe psychiatric disorder often leading to disability, can be approached as a cognitive disorder. Schizophrenia is associated to a wide range of deficits, encompassing neurocognitive, social cognitive and communicative abilities, detectable even before the onset of psychotic symptoms and further progressing over the course of illness. These impairments have a profound impact on daily functioning and quality of life of patients and are not adequately addressed by current pharmacological treatments. Conversely, rehabilitative programs targeting these abilities show encouraging results in terms of both improvements of the addressed domain and generalization to daily functioning. Cognitive remediation, a program training the main neurocognitive functions, is currently considered the gold standard for the treatment of cognition and has recently been included into the treatment guidelines for schizophrenia. Although less standardized and implemented, also other trainings addressing social cognitive and pragmatic communicative domains appear promising.  For these reasons, it is of extreme relevance to select the proper targets for rehabilitation and to identify the core elements of effective interventions. 


November 16th, 2021, h. 10.30-13.00; 14.00-16.30.


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Tipologia corso : Tipo b

Periodo: Semestre I

Anno accademico: 2021-2022

Luogo : Iuss, aula 1-15

Durata : 5 ore