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From foundational to contemporary themes.

Philosophy of mathematics a.y. 2020/21


We will discuss some of the basic themes in the philosophy of mathematics, as they have developed from the origins of the debate on the foundations of mathematics up to their contemporary setting or reformulation. Basic issues in the debate on foundations will be explored especially as they concern semantical, ontological and epistemic concerns, in order to investigate what role they still play in the current debate and how they interact with more recent discussions on themes such as the applicability of mathematics, mathematical explanation and mathematical practice. 


January 25th, 14-17   
January 26th, 11-13; 14-16
January 27th, 14-17


Lectures will be based on selected readings from:

  1. - Linnebo, Ø. (2018), Philosophy of Mathematics, Princeton University Press, Chapter I.
  2. - Panza, M., Sereni, (2013), A., Plato's Problem. An Introduction to Mathematical Platonism, Palgrave MacMillan, 2013.
  3. - Potter, Michael (2000), Reason’s Nearest Kin,  Oxford University Press.

And selected papers from:

  1. - Benacerraf, P. & Putnam, H. (eds.) (1983), Philosophy of Mathematics: Selected Readings, Cambridge University Press, 1983.


The evaluation will be based on an oral exam.

Credits: 2

Andrea Sereni

Professore Ordinario di Filosofia e Teoria dei linguaggi

Ciclo : XXXVI

Tipologia corso : Tipo a

Periodo: Semestre I

Anno accademico: 2020-2021

Luogo : Iuss aula 1-15

Durata : 10 hours