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What are we? Personal identity east and west a.y. 2020/21


The course deals with the question of our basic metaphysical nature: whether we human people are souls, biological organisms, bundles of perceptions, brains, or what have you. 

After having explained what the question of our basic metaphysical nature actually is, and how it differs from others, such as questions of personal identity and the mind-body problem, the course examines some possible accounts of our nature.

Among these accounts, the Abhidharma Buddhist view, according to which we simply do not exist, will also be taken into consideration.


January 28th, 14-17
January 29th, 14-16

February 2nd, 14-16 17
February 3rd, 14-17 16
February 8th, 14-17 NEW
February 10th, 15-17 NEW


Suggested readings:

  • Olson E., Personal Identity
  • Sauchelli A., Personal Identity and Applied Ethics, Routledge
  • Siderits M., Personal Identity and Buddhist Philosophy, Ashgate
  • Tomasetta A., Persone Umane, Carocci 


Credits: 2

Alfredo Tomasetta

Professore Associato in Filosofia e Teoria dei Linguaggi


Tipologia corso : Tipo b

Periodo: Semestre I

Anno accademico: 2020-2021

Luogo : on line

Durata : 10 hours