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Neuroanatomical foundations of cognition a.y. 2021/22


A basic level knowledge of the anatomical structure of the cerebral cortex is a pre-requisite for the ambitious goal of gaining some understanding of its complex functions. In this introductory course we will review the main aspects of cortical organization, including phylogenetic and ontogenetic aspects, the macroscopic subdivisions, the microscopic structure of different cortical types, the main models of their functional organization. These basic aspects will be integrated with a discussion of the leading methodological advances in the field of in vivo brain imaging and of their impact on cognitive neuroscience research 


January 17th, 2022, h. 9-12
January 19th, 2021, h. 9-13 NEW January 20th, 2021, h. 9-13
January 21st, 2021, h. 9-12


Mesulam, M.M., 2000. Principles of behavioral and cognitive neurology. Oxford University Press. (section 1, Behavioral Neuroanatomy) 


The evaluation will be based on an oral exam.

Credits: 2

Stefano Cappa

Professore Ordinario di Neurologia

Ciclo : XXXVII

Tipologia corso : Tipo a

Periodo: Semestre I

Anno accademico: 2021-2022

Luogo : Aula 1, Marelli

Durata : 10 ore