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Neuropsychiatric drugs from bench to bedside (Piscofarmacologia)


1. Psychiatric diseases: classification and diagnosis.
2. Genetics of phychiatric diseases.
3. Depression: clinical approach
4. Depression: preclinical and molecular studies.
5. Schizophrenia: clinical approach.
6. Schizophrenia: preclinical and molecular studies.
7. Treatment of psychiatric symptoms in other patological conditions
8. Communication, stigma and psicopharmacology

For lectures 2-6 the lessons will be followed by a paper discussion. One paper for each lesson will be distributed one week in advance and all the partecipants will be asked to actively discuss the paper with the speaker and the teachers.


Il corso si svolgerà dal 6 marzo al 28 marzo 2015 e si terrà presso l'Aula B del Dipartimento di Scienze del Farmaco (Sezione di Farmacologia), Viale Taramelli n.14, Pavia.

Semestre: Semestre II

Anno accademico: 2014-2015