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Il corso si terrà in italiano, in caso di necessità può essere svolto anche in lingua inglese

Past and future of Egyptological collection: the shaping of identity. Social, political and ethical implications for the management of archaeological heritage in global societies


Museum collections are often perceived as static entities hidden away in storerooms or trapped behind showcases. By focusing on the dynamic histories of museum collections, new research reveals their pivotal role in shaping a wide range of social relations. Over time and across space the interactions between these artefacts and the people and institutions who made, traded, collected and exhibited them have generated complex networks of material and social agency. The class will draw on a broad range of source materials to explore the crosscultural interactions which have created museum collections. As European nation-states came of age in the nineteenth century, museums and archaeology played critical roles in constructing each nation’s ideas of its distinctive heritage and identity. A theoretical overview of those historical elements will be at the basis of a more conscious reflection on the role of contemporary museums. How museums deal with their history? How to define their identity? What is their future? How should a museum tackle ethical issues?


E' obbligatoria la conoscenza dei seguenti testi:

Hodder, Entangled, An Archaeology of the Relationships between Humans and Things, Wiley-Blackwell, 2012

C. Renfrew, P. Bahn, Archaeology. Theories, Methods and Practice, Thames and Hudson, 2016


Il corso si svolgerà dal 21 marzo al 30 maggio 2020

 Calendario del corso:

Sabato 21/ marzo ore 10:00 - 13:00

Venerdì 27 marzo ore 17:00 -20:00

Sabato 28 marzo ore 9:00-12:00

Sabato 2 maggio – h. 11:00-13.00  New!

Sabato 2 maggio – h. 14:00-16.00 New!

Venerdì 15 maggio – h. 17:00-20:00 Annullata

Sabato 16 maggio – h. 09:00-12:00 ANNULLATA

Venerdì 29 maggio – h. 17:30-19:30 Variazione orario (+1 ora): h. 16:30-19:30 

Sabato 30 maggio – h. 10:00-12.00  Variazione orario (+1 ora): h. 10:00-13:00

Sabato 30 maggio – h. 14:00-16.00 Variazione orario (+1 ora): h. 14:00-17:00


J. Thompson, Wonderful Things. A history of Egyptology 1. 1: From Antiquity to 1881, American University in Cairo press, 2015

J. Thompson, Wonderful Things. A history of Egyptology 2. The Golden Age: 1881–1914, American University in Cairo press, 2016

J. Thompson, Wonderful Things. A history of Egyptology 3. From 1914 to the Twenty-first Century, American University in Cairo press, 2018


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2° Appello Mercoledì 22 luglio, ore 17

Christian Greco

Docente a contratto

Classe : Scienze Umane e della Vita

Ambito : Scienze Umane

Periodo: Semestre II

Anno accademico: 2019-2020

Luogo : Pavia - Sede Iuss Palazzo del Broletto

Durata : 25 ore