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Reading group in cognitive neuroscience: advances in social cognition a.y. 2020/21


The reading group will consist of class readings and guided group discussions, covering crucial issues on the most recent advances in social cognition. Neuroimaging, clinical and neuropsychological finding will be discussed in order to shed light on the neural mechanisms of social cognition and its dysfunction in neurological patients.
Both cognitive neuroscience and clinical neuropsychology perspectives will be used to explore the relationship among different facets of social cognition (basic emotion recognition and processing; high-level mindreading and empathy skills) and the conceptual model of social brain disorders.
Particular attention will be also placed on studies and analysis methods connecting social cognition with other areas of cognitive neuroscience.


November 10th, 2020; 15 - 17
November 24th. 2020; 15 - 17
December 15th, 2020; 15 - 17
January 12th, 2021; 15 - 17
January 19th, 2021; 14 - 16
February 9th, 2021; 15 - 17
February 23rd, 2021; 15 - 17
March 9th, 2021; 15 - 17


Specific and relevant readings will be discussed after a pilot meeting with participants involved.


credits: 2

The evaluation will be based on the participation to meetings, presentations and participation in the Q&A and guided discussion.


Chiara Cerami

Ricercatrice Senior in Neurologia


Tipologia corso : Tipo c

Periodo: Annuale

Anno accademico: 2020-2021

Luogo : on line

Durata : 16 hours