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Reading group "Symmetry in syntax: focus on classical languages" a.y. 2020/21


Symmetry constitutes a crucial notion in many natural domains and so does in the architecture of human language including syntax. The aim of this research project is to highlight both the theoretical implications and the heuristic and explanatory force of this notion: the role of symmetry in the overall architecture of grammar (including, more specifically, movement, locality, labelling, and predication) and the relevant properties of different constructions will be analyzed in detail by adopting a formal perspective, in particular a Dynamic Antisymmetry framework. Data will be obtained by adopting a comparative analysis both diatopically and diachronically with a particular emphasis on Ancient Greek and Latin.


November 2nd, 2020; 8,30 -10,30
January 11th, 2021; 8,30 -10,30
February 1st, 2021; 8,30 -10,30
February 15th, 2021; 8,30 -10,30
March 15th, 2021; 8,30 -10,30
March 29th, 2021; 8,30 -10,30
April 19th, 2021; 8,30 -10,30
May 3rd, 2021; 8,30 -10,30


Specific topics and readings will be decided each year after a pilot meeting with all faculty members and students involved.

  • Unstable structures and Generalized Dynamic Antisymmetry. (Moro-Roberts 2021)



Credits: 2

Andrea Moro

Professore Ordinario di Linguistica Generale


Tipologia corso : Tipo c

Periodo: Annuale

Anno accademico: 2020-2021

Luogo : on line

Durata : 16 hours