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“The major phenomena which the economic disciplines ought to explain, and how they try to do it”


1.The ‘Stylized Facts ‘

(i) Macro

- Self-sustained  growth since the industrial revolution ( in some parts of the world )

-Secular increase in international differentiation

-The ‘club of major innovators ‘ persistently small

-Uneven international diffusion of new technologies

(ii) Micro

-Technological Change and Innovation as Evolutionary Processes

-Ubiquitous heterogeneity across firms in revealed efficiencies , innovativeness, strategies, sizes


2. How do we interpret these regularities ? Two Paradigms

(i) The Ortodox Strategy 

-Microeconomic Rationality

-Collective equilibria

(ii) The Evolutionary/ Institutionalist Alternative

-The economy as a complex evolving system

3. Evolutionary Economics in a nutshell

(i) The Coupled dynamics between Change and Coordination  .The “Bicycle Postulate “ : “In order to Stand up you must keep cycling “

    - There are forces at work which keep the systems together and make them grow despite rapid and profound modifications of their

     + industrial structures

     +social relations

      + techniques of productions

     + patterns of consumption

(ii) The Main ingredients of the evolutionary paradigm

    + Routines, Rules of Thumb, Heuristics

  + Coordination vis - `a - vis Equilibrium 

  + Heterogeneity

  + Innovation and Growth 

  + Institutions

  + History

(iii) Early Areas of exploration

+ Born around the economics of innovation

+  Capability-based theory of the firm

 + Industrial dynamics 

+ Technology-gap theory of international trade

(iv) Further domains


+ Development

+ Labour economics

+ Income distribution

5 Aprile, h.17.30: Prof. Giovanni Dosi*

3 Maggio h. 17.30 Dr.ssa Maria Enrica Virgillito*

9 Maggio h.17.30: Dr.ssa Maria Enrica Virgillito*

10 Maggio h. 17:30:Dr.ssa Maria Enrica Virgillito* Annullata

11 Maggio h.11:00-13:00: Dr.ssa Maria Enrica Virgillito Lezione di recupero

*(Fascia oraria 17:30-19:30)


Prof. Giovanni Dosi, Professore di Economia della Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa

Dr.ssa Maria Enrica Virgillito, Ricercatrice dell’Università Cattolica di Milano

Tipo : Attività seminariale IUSS

Classe : Scienze Tecnologie e Società

Per tutti gli Allievi

Luogo : Il seminario si svolgerà presso le Aule della Sede IUSS (Palazzo del Broletto – Piazza della Vittoria n. 15).

Durata : 8 ore