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Short Course on Natural disasters emergency management


Short Course on Natural disasters emergency management: from the survey to the disaster policy

Pavia, July 18-26, 2019
Palazzo del Broletto – IUSS Pavia


The short course provides essential knowledge related to the process of disaster emergency management, following natural hazard, and to the main players and mechanisms involved in disaster response. The course will address and describe the evaluation of risk associated to two of the most common natural hazards, earthquakes and floods.
Furthermore, emergency management strategies will also be described, using the procedures adopted within the organization of the Italian Department of Civil Protection as an illustrative example.
In particular, the post-earthquake survey forms used to understand the level of safety and usability of the buildings after a major event, will be discussed, providing practical examples.
Additional examples of methods and approaches to assess seismic/flood risk of different typologies of buildings at regional scale will be presented.
Finally, concepts of disaster risk financing and policy making, for development of prevention strategies (e.g. insurance policies, allocation of funds) to face the consequences of natural hazards, will also be presented.