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In this course we will cover some aspects of probability and statistics that relate to practical matters keeping dice tossing and card games to a bare minimum. Less emphasis will be given to derivations and more to concepts. We will start by discussing about why probability and statistics are related but they are not the same. Then we will touch upon different topics where probability and statistics are essential: decision analysis, building codes, safety of structures, risk analysis, occurrence of earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural events. We will discuss these topics using real examples, such as the probability of the “Big One” occurring in the San Francisco Bay Area, whether DNA test is really as conclusive as it is thought to be, or whether do freak waves exist. Time permitting we will also talk about the tale of Yucca Mountain. Does it make sense to dump there a lot of radioactive material? The course will be organized in eleven two- and one three-hour long lectures and tutorials. There will be homework assigned and a final written exam that will be two-hour long. The final grade will be based 30% on homework and 70% on the final exam. The course will be taught in Italian but a scholastic knowledge of the English language is necessary, since the slides presented in class and reading material will be in English.

Statistica e probabilità. Perché preoccuparsene ?


il corso si svolgerà dal 21 Ottobre al 25 Novembre 2015 e si terrà presso le Aule della Sede dello IUSS (Palazzo del Broletto, Piazza della Vittoria, 15).


- Ang, A. H. and Tang, W. H. (2007). “Probability Concepts In Engineering: Emphasis On Applications In Civil & Environmental Engineering,” Wiley.
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- Kutner M.H., Nachtsheim C., and Neter J., 2004. Applied linear regression models, McGraw-Hill, 1396 p.

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3 febbraio 2016  ore 9-11 - Aula 1-17

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