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L’ammissione al dottorato di ricerca è riservata ai possessori di Laurea specialistica o Magistrale, o ante riforma, o titolo equiparabile, per durata e contenuto, conseguito all’estero che dia accesso a corsi di dottorato nel paese di origine e giudicato idoneo dalla Commissione di Ammissione.
Si devono superare le prove d'esame previste dai Bandi di concorso emanati dall'Istituto e pubblicati sul sito del MIUR (link).


The IUSS is located in the old centre of Pavia that is a University town with more than twelve university colleges.
The IUSS encourages international mobility through a network of integrated services offered to Professors, Scholars, Post-docs, PhDs and students coming from abroad.

Training Programs

The School of Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia offers advanced international undergraduate and post-graduate programmes:
- Undergraduate courses open, on a merit base, to the most promising students of Pavia´s University.
- II Level University Master degrees providing a strong international approach.
- PhD Degrees provide an interdisciplinary point of view and exposure to cutting edge research.

How to reach Pavia

Pavia can be easily reached by train with direct connections: the most important ones are Milano Centrale (Km 40) and Genova (km 80).
The closest airport to Pavia is Milan-Linate, followed by that of Milan-Malpensa. From either of these, it is possible taking a direct bus to Pavia Train Station (this is the last stop made by the bus). There is a daily bus service from Linate airport to Pavia railway station. The bus timetable is subject to change. Before leaving, it would be better checking the timetable on the following website Taxis can usually be found outside the train station, but the following telephone number can also be used to book taxis: 0382/577733.

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