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 Space is a fundamental tool for security and defence. In Europe, at national as well as at multinational levels, several space programs are currently providing, or will in the short term, essential services for crisis management and military applications, such as telecommunication, Earth observation and positioning/navigation.


On the other hand, there are today concerns on the security of these services provided by space and the associated assets. Huge efforts are deployed to identify and characterize them in order to be in position to mitigate the risks through for example the Space Situational Awareness program.


The module will cover both aspects of the theme, space for security & defence on one hand and security for space on the other hand. Through conferences, study cases and exercises a large interaction with the students is aimed. The following progressive and incremental approach will be followed: the general aspects on space (part 1), including the most important hints on mission engineering and program - management the services provided by space for the benefit of security and defence - (part 2), with zooms on telecommunication and Earth Observation - the security issues of the services provided by space and the Space Situational Awareness program (part 3) - the module will be concluded with a mapping of the space job opportunities in Europe

Sicurezza dallo e per lo spazio


 · sabato 5 Maggio : 3 ore: Introduction

 1.1 General information on space
 1.2 Space mission engineering

· lunedì 7 Maggio: 1.3 Space program management
 2.1 Space services for security & defence

· martedì 8 Maggio: 2.2 Some key European programs for security & defence

· giovedì 17 Maggio: 2.3 Zoom on telecommunication

· Venerdì 18 Maggio: 2.4 Zoom on Earth Observation (1)


· sabato 19 Maggio: 2.4 Zoom on Earth Observation (2)


· venerdì 25 Maggio: 3.1 Security for space services

 3.2 Space Situational Awareness (1)


· sabato 26 Maggio: 3.2 Space Situational Awareness (2)

 Conclusions (including job opportunities)


 Il corso si terrà da sabato 5 maggio 2012 a sabato 26 maggio 2012 nell'Aula Magna della Sede dello IUSS.


 Nella sezione intranet "materiale didattico" è possibile reperire le slides del corso.


United Nations Outer space treaty


US National Space Policy


US national security space strategy 


European space policy


European draft Code of Conduct for outer space



There are also many relevant articles/documents on the following sites:


L'esame si terrà sabato 26 maggio dalle ore 10:00 nell'Aula Magna IUSS.

Ambito : Scienze e Tecnologie

Periodo: Semestre II

Anno accademico: 2011-2012