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Philosophy of mathematics (a.y. 2019/20)


We will discuss some of the central issues in the philosophy of mathematics, especially as far as the problem of mathematical knowledge has been cashed out in the debate on the foundations of mathematics. We will then focus on the relationship between semantic analyses of mathematical language and the justification of mathematical beliefs, including the possibility of attaining a priori knowledge via definitions. We'll pay particular attention to the logicist way of approaching these issues and on the origins and prospects of the logicist tradition.


January 27th 2020, 14 - 17
January 28th 2020, 11 - 13; 14 - 16
January 29th 2020, 14 - 17


Lectures will be based on selected readings from:

  • Linnebo, Ø. (2018), Philosophy of Mathematics, Princeton University Press, Chapter I.
  • Panza, M., Sereni, (2013), A., Plato's Problem. An Introduction to Mathematical Platonism, Palgrave MacMillan, 2013.
  • Potter, Michael (2000), Reason’s Nearest Kin,  Oxford University Press.

And selected papers from:

  • Benacerraf, P. & Putnam, H. (eds.) (1983), Philosophy of Mathematics: Selected Readings, Cambridge University Press, 1983.


The evaluation will be based on an oral exam.

Credits: 2

Andrea Sereni

Associate Professor in Philosophy of Language

Cycle : XXXV

Course type : Type a

Period: Semester I

Academic year: 2019-2020

Place : Classroom 1-15

Duration : 10 hours