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Laura Alvigini

Role: PhD candidate in Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology
Department: Humanities and Life Sciences
Supervisor: Andrea Mattevi


In 2017 I graduated in Chemical Sciences at the University of Pavia, with a thesis entitled: ‘’ Antitumor therapy, imaging and teranostic applications of gold nanoparticles’’. Gold nanoparticles have been widely used as vectors for targeted delivery of drugs, such as sensors and contrast agents of tumor cells thanks to their stability, their ability to bind to various types of biomolecules, their characteristics of plasmonic surface absorption, to optical properties and low toxicity. In 2018 I graduated at the University of Pavia in Chemistry with a thesis in English entitled: ‘’ Studies on impurities on CERN LHC particle detectors’’. The thesis project was carried out at CERN in Geneva where I worked on the chemical analyses of gas mixtures used in particle detectors. The purpose of the analyses was to monitor the chemical composition of the mixtures and to determine and identify impurities present which deeply affect the efficiency and performance of the detectors.