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Marco Facchin

Role: PhD candidate in Cognitive Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind
Department: Humanities and Life Sciences


I obtained my Bachelor Degree at Milan State University (Università Statale di Milano) on the  26/11/2015, discussing  a thesis about William James (tutored by Prof.ssa Rossella Fabbrichesi). I obtained my Master Degree at the same University on the 17/7/2017 discussing a thesis on the Extended Mind Thesis (Tutored by Prof. Corrado Sinigaglia and co-tutored by Prof.ssa Clotilde Calabi). In both cases, I obtained the mark of 110 cum laude/110. During the Academic Year of 2017/2018 I partook to the “FOR24” courses at the same University, to obtain the 24CFUs needed to teach in Italian high schools.