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Lydia Velliscig

Role: Senior Researcher in Comparative Private Law
Department: Science, Technology and Society

Receiving hours: Monday 14:00-17:00


Lydia Velliscig is a senior researcher in Comparative Private law at the University School for Advanced Studies - IUSS Pavia.
In 2004 she obtained a law degree from the University of Milan, with a dissertation in Comparative Private Law. The following year, she was received special recognition from the Alumni Association of the University of Milan’s Faculty of Law for graduating in the top 5 of her class and for having graduated with the maximum GPA and cum laude in four years. Upon graduation, Lydia enrolled in a two-year post graduate course in Legal Professions at the University of Milan, which she completed on 31 May 2006.
In 2006, Lydia was admitted with scholarship to the PhD course in Comparative Law (cycle XXII) at the University of Milan. During her PhD studies, she also attended the Comparative Law School on Languages and the Law (University of Brescia), the Summer School in Comparative Law on Multiculturalism (University of Insubria, Como) and obtained the Diplôme de droit comparé - premier cycle (Faculté Internationale de Droit Comparé, Strasbourg).
Since completing her PhD (1 March 2010), she has been Post-Doc Fellow in Comparative Private Law at the Department of Private Law and Legal History, University of Milan. Her academic experiences include teaching advanced specialization courses, master's degree courses and courses within the curriculum of the University of Milan’s PhD programs.
In 2018, Lydia was an adjunct professor in the Department of Private Law and Legal History, University of Milan, and assigned the course “Responsabilità civile e assicurazione. Modelli di civil law e di common law a confronto”.
Her research focuses on comparative and European private law and includes topics related to insurance law and financial markets law. She is currently interested in the legal aspects of insurance and other risk financing tools, as well as in the impact of new technologies on the insurance industry.
She has taken part in several research projects admitted to funding by the Italian national research council (PRIN) and by the University of Milan.
In 2018 she obtained the “National scientific qualification to function as associate professor in Italian Universities” in Comparative Law, sector 12/E2, and in Law on Economy, Financial Markets and Agro-Food and Navigation, sector 12/E3.
She is member of the Società Italiana per la Ricerca nel Diritto Comparato (SIRD) and of AIDA (International Association for Insurance Law) – Lombardia.
Lydia is also a member of the Editorial Board of the Italian review Diritto del mercato assicurativo e finanziario (ESI) and an Associate Editor of the international review Global Jurist (De Gruyter).
Her main areas of publications are in comparative law, insurance law and other risk financing tools; recent publications include a monograph: Assicurazione e “autoassicurazione” nella gestione dei rischi sanitari. Studio di diritto comparato, Milano, Giuffrè, 2018.

Data e ora: 6 settembre alle ore 11:15
Luogo: Vienna

Titolo dell’evento: Conferenza European Law Institute (ELI)
2019 Annual Conference and Meetings
4–6 September 2019

Venerdì 6 settembre 2019 la dott.ssa Velliscig ha partecipato come relatore al Convegno annuale dello European Law Institute (ELI) ed è intervenuto nell’ambito dell’ Italian Hub Panel dedicato al tema “New Technologies and the Law: The Impact on Rules of Torts, Contracts and the Insurance Market”.
La conferenza ELI è aperta a tutti i membri della comunità giuridica internazionale, compresi giudici, avvocati, ricercatori e studiosi del diritto.