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ReLUIS - WP5 - Interventi di rapida esecuzione a basso impatto ed integrati

Beginning date : 2019

End Date : 2021


Short description

The project aims to identify optimal retrofitting approaches and strategies to apply to residential and public buildings against seismic actions, considering not only the structural performance but also the energetic efficiency, cost, duration and invasiveness level of the interventions.




The project aims to identify seismic retrofitting approaches and strategies for residential and public buildings, considering both the structural performance and the energetic efficiency, environmental impact, cost, duration and invasiveness of the interventions. The developed strategies will be classified in ascending levels of invasiveness and structural performance.
In order to combine the reduction of the seismic vulnerability and the improvement of energetic efficiency of the retrofitting interventions, the project will investigate the compatibility of such kind of interventions. 
Concerning the seismic retrofitting, the comparison between the considered strategies will be performed through cost-benefit analyses, which will examine the performances, costs, duration and invasiveness. Investigating those features will help to identify the optimal materials and technologies to adopt for interventions and definition of the building envelope, from both seismic and energetic efficiency aspects.
In order to validate the feasibility of the chosen strategies and identify any critical issue, different case studies will be selected, featuring different constructive typologies, both from structural system and use classification perspective.
Lastly, gathering the outcomes of the research, a multi-criteria approach will be optimised, which will help practitioners and users to identify suitable retrofitting methodologies in order to reach the chosen structural and energetic performance target.  




Involved persons

Ricardo Monteiro, Giammaria Gabbianelli, Gerard O’Reilly, Wilson Carofilis, Nicholas Clemett.


Consorzio ReLUIS





75,000.00 €



Gabbianelli G., Carofilis W., Monteiro R. “Evaluation of Different Retrofit Strategies for RC School Buildings using Integrated Multi-Criteria Procedures”, 17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 13th-18th 2020, Sendai, Japan.