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The Academic Senate is the IUSS programming, managements and governing body of teaching and reserach and it is responsible for the approval of the strategic orientation plan. It is responsible for the overall operations of IUSS.

The Academic Senate is composed of:

IUSS Rector
Prof. Riccardo Pietrabissa
Tel: +39 0382 375859 |  rettorato@iusspavia.it

The Head of the Department of Humanities and Life Sciences
Prof. Andrea Sereni
Tel: +39 0382 375844 |  andrea.sereni@iusspavia.it

The Head of the Department of Science, Technology and Society
Prof. Mario Martina
Tel: +39 0382 375846 mario.martina@iusspavia.it

Representatives of professors and researchers

Prof. Valentina Bambini 
Tel: +39 0382 375841 |  valentina.bambini@iusspavia.it

Prof. Ricardo Monteiro
Tel: + 39 0382 375852 |  ricardo.monteiro@iusspavia.it

Prof. Andrea Moro
Tel: +39 0382 375842 |  andrea.moro@iusspavia.it

Prof. Andrea Taramelli
Tel: +39 0382 375847 |  andrea.taramelli@iusspavia.it

Representative of administrative staff  
Barbara Cardinali
Tel: + 39 0382 375833 |  barbara.cardinali@iusspavia.it

Representative of the Board of Colleges
Alberto Lolli (Rector of Almo Collegio Borromeo)

IUSS students representatives

Lorenzo Bianchi Chignoli

Margherita D'Ayala