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Neuroeconomics - (a.y. 2019/20)


This course aims to provide a concise picture of available evidence in Decision neuroscience, i.e. of the cognitive processes and neural mechanisms underlying different facets of decision-making in the individual and social contexts. The close relationship between neuroeconomics and neuroethics will be addressed in terms of the neural correlates of choices characterized by social and moral, besides individual and economics, valence. The implications of the results provided by these disciplines for neuro-psychiatric and forensic settings will be also briefly discussed.


March 2nd 2020, h. 9.30 - 12.30
March 3rd 2020, h. 9 - 13
March 4th 2020, h. 9.30 - 12.30


  • Neuroeconomics: Decision Making and the Brain, by Paul W. Glimcher, 2nd Edition; Editors: Paul W. Glimcher Ernst Fehr; eBook ISBN: 9780123914699; Hardcover ISBN: 9780124160088; Imprint: Academic Press, Published Date: 27th September 2013
  • Camille, N., Coricelli, G., Sallet, J., Pradat-Diehl, P., Duhamel, J.R., Sirigu, A., 2004. The involvement of the orbitofrontal cortex in the experience of regret. Science 304, 1167-1170.
  • Canessa, N., Crespi, C., Baud-Bovy, G., Dodich, A., Falini, A., Antonellis, G., Cappa, S.F., 2017. Neural markers of loss aversion in resting-state brain activity. Neuroimage 146, 257-265.
  • Canessa, N., Crespi, C., Motterlini, M., Baud-Bovy, G., Chierchia, G., Pantaleo, G., Tettamanti, M., Cappa, S.F., 2013. The functional and structural neural basis of individual differences in loss aversion. J Neurosci 33, 14307-14317.
  • Canessa, N., Motterlini, M., Alemanno, F., Perani, D., Cappa, S.F., 2011. Learning from other people's experience: a neuroimaging study of decisional interactive-learning. Neuroimage 55, 353-362.
  • Coricelli, G., Critchley, H.D., Joffily, M., O'Doherty, J.P., Sirigu, A., Dolan, R.J., 2005. Regret and its avoidance: a neuroimaging study of choice behavior. Nat Neurosci 8, 1255-1262.
  • De Martino, B., Camerer, C.F., Adolphs, R., 2010. Amygdala damage eliminates monetary loss aversion. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 107, 3788-3792.
  • De Martino, B., Kumaran, D., Seymour, B., Dolan, R.J., 2006. Frames, biases, and rational decision-making in the human brain. Science 313, 684-687.

Additional materials will be provided during the course. After each lecture, slides will be sent to students by email.


The evaluation will be based on an oral exam.

Credits: 2

Nicola Canessa

Associate Professor in Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology

Cycle : XXXV

Course type : Type a

Period: Semester I

Academic year: 2019-2020

Place : Classroom 1-15

Duration : 10 hours