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The Rector appoints, from among the IUSS full professors, a Vice Rector who assists him and takes on delegated responsibilities, and takes over from the Rector in case of absence or impediment. The Vice Rector has a mandate of three years and may be reappointed.

Vice Rector
Prof. Andrea Moro
Tel: +39 0382 375842 |  andrea.moro@iusspavia.it


In relation to the operational requirements of the more important and complex areas of activity which could also include institutional representation functions, the Rector may appoint one or more vice rectors, from among the IUSS tenured professors, responsible for following the areas in question more closely, without prejudice to their managerial and organisational responsibilities.

Delegated vice rector for Research
Prof. Stefano Cappa
Tel: +39 0382 375861 |  stefano.cappa@iusspavia.it

Delegated vice rector for Third Mission
Prof. Andrea Sereni
Tel: +39. 0382 375844 |  andrea.sereni@iusspavia.it

Delegated vice rector for Internationalisation
Prof. André Filiatrault
Tel: +39 0382 375853 |  andre.filiatrault@iusspavia.it

Delegated vice rector for Quality Assurance
Prof. Alberto Monti
Tel: +39 0382 375849alberto.monti@iusspavia.it

Delegated vice rector for Doctoral Courses
Prof.ssa Valentina Bambini
Tel: +39 0382 375841 |  valentina.bambini@iusspavia.it

Delegated vice rector for Undergraduate Courses and Director of Guidance and Recruitment Project
Prof. Andrea Tiengo
Tel: +39 0382 375865 |  andrea.tiengo@iusspavia.it

Vice rector for Projects development in Human Science 
Prof. Michele Di Francesco
Tel: +39 0382 375857 |  michele.difrancesco@iusspavia.it

Other Delegates:

Delegate to Placement Project
Prof. Stefano Moratti
Tel: +39 0382 375851 |  stefano.moratti@iusspavia.it

Delegate to Technology Transfer
Prof. Andrea Taramelli
Tel: +39 0382 375847 |  andrea.taramelli@iusspavia.it

Delegate to Public Engagement Activities
Prof. Alfredo Tomasetta
Tel: +39 0382 375867 |  alfredo.tomasetta@iusspavia.it

Delegate to Erasmus Plus:
Prof. Ricardo Monteiro
Tel: +39 0382 375852 |  ricardo.monteiro@iusspavia.it