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The CARISMA centre responds to the need for coordination of the numerous scientific profiles present at IUSS on the topic of climate change and sustainable development. CARISMA is the IUSS interface with the Center for Climate Change studies and Sustainable Actions (3CSA) of Scuole Univeristarie Federate and with the National Doctorate School on Sustainable Development and Climate Change. The main objectives of the research activity are:

- Data analysis and modelling of the processes of the Earth System and the economic system.
- Impact assessment of extreme natural events and anthropogenic activities on the environment and humans, with particular reference to climate change.
- Risk assessment and management of natural hazards, including climate change.
- Formulation and proposal of new economic, political and legal models of sustainable development.

Main research activities are:

  • Evaluation of the possible evolution of climate and the effects of climate change and climate variability on the environment, humans and social organizations, in support of sustainable development.
  • Integration of climate change in risk analysis and management, through the use of climate data and modelling.
  • Development of integrated methodologies to support the overall analysis of the risk associated with complex phenomena of natural and technological origin, also in combination (multi-hazard risk assessment).
  • Improvement of the modelling of the earth system, including its interactions with social and socio-economic dynamics in order to support the decision-making process for an integrated and cost-effective management of risks in support of sustainable development.
  • Development of Earth observation technologies based on the theory of electromagnetic fields and on the properties of the radiation-matter interaction involving mathematical (e.g. inverse problems and statistical inference) and physico-chemical (e.g. electromagnetism, microphysics, propagation and electro-magnetic diffusion) aspects.