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The research focus of the ICoN is on the mind/brain relationship, a scientific area that has been revolutionized by the evidence collected in the last decades with the multidisciplinary approach of cognitive neuroscience. The boundary between different fields of neuroscience and the human and social sciences is becoming increasingly blurred, promoting the translation of basic scientific results in the clinical field. At the heart of this endeavor are multimodal methodologies, characterized by the integration of data obtained with different techniques, which investigate many complementary aspects of brain functioning. The investigation of the neurobiological mechanisms underlying cognitive functioning, emotions and behavior at multiple levels is now possible by means of different behavioral instruments, tools for visualizing brain structure and functional connectivity, and techniques for modulating the activity of specific brain areas in healthy individuals and in pathological populations. This aims at defining cognitive paradigms for neuropsychological diagnosis in neurological patients and identifying in vivo biomarkers of pathology, as well at promoting novel interventional protocols to combat disorders of brain functioning due to focal lesions and neurodegeneration. The huge amount of information becoming available and requiring multiscale integration is stimulating with unprecedented intensity the development of advanced data analysis methods, with an increasingly close interaction with the fields, for example, of artificial intelligence and neurosimulation.  
At the training level, ICoN has a central role in IUSS postgraduate studies within the PhD program in Cognitive Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind and the Master program in Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Sciences jointly offered with the University of Pavia.