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The main objectives of the CORDA Center are:

  • To develop integrated methodologies to support comprehensive analysis of risks associated with complex phenomena/events of natural and technological origin or in combination thereof (multi-hazard risk assessment).
  • To develop tools for environmental and human health risk assessment for to respond to societal concerns about the impact of environmental pressure on the global morbidity and mortality burden.
  • To improve the methodology for the observation of the terrestrial system including its interactions with social and socio-economic dynamics to support the decision-making process for an integrated and economically advantageous management of risks in support of sustainable development.

So far, the activities of the CORDA research Center advanced on-going work on multi-hazard and complex risk assessment focusing on different aspects of multi-hazard risk assessment. Further thematic and methodological integration will be sought in the forthcoming period in order to consolidate the available tools and approaches that would enable CORDA to become a reference centre in complex and multi-hazard risk analysis and assessment.
In line with the general objectives laid out above and the triennial plan for the current 3-year period, the CORDA Centre will promote the interaction of the different research groups comprising in order to enhance further the multi-disciplinary in the CORDA research agenda consolidating the number and expertise of the research staff with an eye towards filling current gaps.