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It is a postgraduate degree characterised by a scientific specialisation and a high level of ongoing education, following the attainment of the three-year bachelor degree or the 2 year master of science degree. University Masters have a duration of at least one year and foresee the acquisition of at least 60 university educational credits.

University Masters are divided into first and second level:

  • in order to apply to a first level master degrees applicants must hold a three years bachelor degree or equivalent academic qualification;
  • in order to apply to a second level master degree applicants must hold a 2 years master of science degree or equivalent academic qualification, by duration and content, obtained abroad.

The master has a flexible schedule, which allows a higher level of multidisciplinarity than traditional courses. Skills and notions from different backgrounds can interact within IUSS' Master Programmes to meet the need for new professional figures and new specializations.

IUSS Master Programmes are aimed at students who

  • intend to deepen their studies after graduation;
  • want to broaden their knowledge in other areas;
  • want to become professional and concretely employ the concepts acquired through the attended courses.