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The School’s Quality Enhancement Committee:

a)    promotes the implementation of the Quality Policies defined by the governing bodies;
b)    oversees the development and implementation of the School's QA system and related processes;
c)    proposes methods, tools and procedures for achieving QA objectives;
d)    supervises and monitors the regular performance of the QA processes;
e)    supports the representatives of the teaching, research and third mission structures in their respective fields of activity;
f)    promotes the organization and verification of the updating of information in the context of training and research;
g)    supervises the verification of self-assessment and periodic evaluation activities
h)    promotes and supports the evaluation of the effectiveness of enhancement actions and their results; 
i)    favors the correct flow of information to and from the Assessment Unit and the Joint Staff-Students Committee;
j)    promotes the dissemination of culture, methods and tools for Quality, self-assessment, a critical approach and continuous improvement in the management of all processes that contribute to quality enhancement, including through the implementation of training activities;
k)    supports the structures of the School in the management of QA processes also through the drafting of guidelines; 
l)    provides advice to the governing bodies of the School on QA issues.

The School Quality Enhancement Committee is made up as follows: 

Coordinator, Deputy Rector for Quality Assurance 
•    Prof. Alberto Monti 


•    Prof. Mario Martina, Dean of the Science, Technology and Society Class
•    Prof. Andrea Sereni, Dean of the Humanities and Life Sciences Class
•    Ing. Giuseppe Conti, General Manager
•    Ms. Giovanna Spinelli, Head of the Institutional Activities, Teaching and Evaluation Area
•    Ms. Valentina Cimichella, Head of the OU Evaluation and Quality Assurance
•    Ms. Margherita D'Ayala, Student Representative for the PhD Courses
•    Mr. Carlo Bertazzi, Student Representative for Ordinary Courses

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