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Due to insurance reasons, you have always to submit the application for the missions, even if you are not claiming for the reimbursement.
In order to obtain the needed authorization, you must submit the application for the mission at least 2 weeks before the date of departure.
In order to apply, please go on U-Missioni website, through the following link https://iusspavia.u-web.cineca.it/appautmis and follow the guidelines for the request submission.

The procedure is very alike/similar to “budget for mission”, except from one important difference: you must select your doctoral Coordinator as Responsible for the Mission. She/He will select the 10% budget as funding to be used and will give the due authorization.
Briefly, see below the main information you have to provide:

  • Type of request: BUD10_mission paid by budget 10%
  • Responsible: Name of the Doctoral Coordinator
  • Project: leave it empty. The Coordinator will select the budget 10% funding during the authorization process.

The system automatically will also send an authorization request to the Dean of the Department.
If you have any enquiries about the Mission, please write to risorse.umane@iusspavia.it.

In order to spend a period abroad, you have to ask for the authorization to the Academic Board, through the dedicated form, along with the invitation letter from the hosting institution and a letter from your Supervisor.
All the documents have to be sent at least 1 month before the departure date to the PhD Coordinator (in copy, postlaurea@iusspavia.it), who will be in charge to present the request to the Academic Board.
N.B.: The increase of the fellowship is usually paid by the end of the period abroad, against a formal letter signed by the research Supervisor of the hosting institution. For any stay longer than 4 months, the scholarship increase can be paid every 2 months, against a formal letter signed by the research Supervisor of the hosting institution.

In order to spend a research or study period at an Italian Institution which does not have any agreement with the School, you must ask for the authorization to the Scientific Board, against an invitation letter from the hosting institution and a letter from your Supervisor.

Starting from the 2nd year, to all the PhD students is assigned a budget of 1.534,33 euros for research activity. This budget has to be used for activities related to the PhD purpose, according with the Regulations.
Examples of the allowable expences:

  • Registration/enrollment to conventions and conferences;
  • Missions in Italy and abroad;
  • Consumables for lab activities;
  • Books;
  • Softwares;
  • Small items;
  • Laptop.

The use of Budget 10% is linked to previous authorization from both the PhD Coordinator and the Head of the Department, prior Supervisor’s approval – when required.
For further information, please see “Regulation for Doctoral Courses – Title III”.

In case you need a certificate/transcript, you have to send an email to postlaurea@iusspavia.it, highlighting all the characteristics needed:

  • Language of the certificate (Italian or English);
  • Type/kind of certificate (certificate of enrollment, certificate with or without curriculum, certificate with or without fellowship, degree);
  • Purpose of the certificate;
  • Number of request copies.

If you are pregnant, the PhD programme will be suspended for 5 months. You should send to the Postgraduate Office a communication within the end of the seven month of pregnancy. You are also required to provide the original medical certificate, issued by a gynaecologist, attesting the estimate date of birth.

You could ask for flexibility: you could abstain from work 1 month in advance since the estimated date of birth, as well as after 4 months after childbirth. Starting from January 1st, 2019 you could work until the day before giving birth and abstain from work for the next 5 months. In order to do it, you should send (not before the seven month of pregnancy) an original medical certificate, issued by a gynaecologist from National Health Service - Servizio Sanitario Nazionale - or a gynaecologist which is part of the state run health care (Hospital, ATS, family counselling).
This medical certificate should provide:
- The estimate date of birth;
- The indication of the gynaecologist that you are able to work for the whole eighth month of pregnancy (or a part of it; or until the day of the childbirth), without any health problems, neither for the baby.

The Phd scholarship holder, registered to the INPS as self-employee – Gestione Separata -  and without any other compulsory insurance (Enpam, Enpav, ecc…), could take advantage from INPS maternity allowance.  In order to obtain it, you should submit a specific request (for more details, please visit INPS website.