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The PhD programme involves an exclusive and full-time commitment (art. 13 – Regulations).
You must carry out the activities included in your educational project, which will be yearly approved by the Academic Board.
During your Doctoral programme, you have to gain a certain number of hours of teaching or educational credits, by attending courses and taking the related exams. The minimum number of hours of teaching is 150 (for further information please see the section “Education” of your Doctoral Programme).

At least 60 days before the end of each Academic Year, you have to submit a summary report on activities carried out during the year; this report will be sent to the Academic Board for approval, in order to pass the following year as well as for the confirmation of the scholarship.

In case of “unsatisfactory” evaluation, the Academic Board could decide to admit the student to the following year “under condition”, specifying the deadline by which the student have to fulfill the requirements.

In the event of a negative evaluation, the Academic Board proposes the forfeiture to the Rector.

At least 60 days before the end of the last year, you have to submit a report of activities concerning the whole Programme, along with both tentative title and abstract of the Doctoral Thesis.
The Academic Board will verify the fulfillment of the objectives according to the educational and research project and it will evaluate the acquisition of an adeguate national and international scientific experience, gained by the PhD student.


The University School for Advanced Studies Pavia/IUSS joins Almalaurea, a no-profit corporation which carry out investigation on profile and work condition of the PhDs.
Therefore, once you have got the degree, you will asked from Almalaurea to complete a survey.
We would like to highlight that your feedback is important in order to improve the quality of the services provided by School.