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The Joint Board of Directors is the governing body of IUSS and the other federated universities. It performs the financial, asset and staff planning functions, guaranteeing the financial sustainability of the activities of each of the federated universities.

The Board of Directors is constituted with a joint decree of the rectors/director of the federated universities and lasts for three years.

The Joint Board of Directors is composed of:

the Chairman
Dott.ssa Enrica Pagella

External adviser
Dott. Fabio Benasso

External adviser
Prof. Marcello Clarich


the Rector of IUSS
Prof. Michele Di Francesco

the Rector of Scuola Sant'Anna
Prof. Pierdomenico Perata

the Director of the Scuola Normale
Prof. Vincenzo Barone

an IUSS student
Luigi Brizzi

a Scuola Sant'Anna student
Tommaso Sacconi

a Scuola Normale student
Michele Gammella