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Environmental Health Engineering


1. Introduction to environmental health engineering (the environmental burden of disease and what we can do about it)
2. Emissions and fate of chemical compounds in the environment (types of emissions – availability and production of emission data – transport and transformation models / general mass balance models – transformation of toxic compounds in the environment – bioaccumulation – abiotic transformation processes – biodegradation – biotransformation).
3. Water quality engineering and health (the nature of water quality problems – physical processes – chemical and physicochemical processes – biological processes – health effects of water pollution and sanitation).
4. Air quality engineering and health (the nature of air quality problems – atmospheric pollutant emissions and control – processing methods – air quality models – health effects of air pollution).
5. Solid waste management and health (the nature of the solid waste disposal problem – minimization of hazardous waste – hazardous waste management processes – hazardous waste disposal – health effects of solid waste).
6. Life cycle analysis and impact assessment (introduction to life cycle analysis – life cycle analysis methodology – framework and objective setting for the analysis – life cycle inventory – life cycle impact assessment – applications of life cycle analysis: usefulness, weaknesses and constraints, examples).
7. Setting up the cyclical economy (mass and energy flow integration in industrial complexes – fundamentals of environmental policy making – industrial ecology and cyclical economy case studies).
8. Chemicals in the environment and public health (mechanisms of human exposure to environmental chemicals – the exposome – exposome-wide associations with adverse health outcomes).


Il corso si svolgerà dal 14 Dicembre 2017 al 20 Gennaio 2018 presso le Aule della Sede IUSS (Palazzo del Broletto - Piazza della Vittoria, 15).


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Dimosthenis Sarigiannis

Dimosthenis Sarigiannis

Professore Associato di Ingegneria Sanitaria e Ambientale

Department : Science, Technology and Society

Scope : Science and Technology

Period: Semester I

Academic year: 2017-2018