Executive Program in International Economic Integration


Important INFO: edition 2009-2010 will not be activated

7th Edition Call for applications

Application deadline:
- June 30th for EU and overseas students

- October 10th for italian citizens

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Cooperation and Development School

This post-graduate program was initiated in 2001. First established as a Masters Program, EPIEI has recently become a sub-specialization of the Master in Cooperation and Development, to better target the needs of those students, scholars and public officers, who wish to acquire a combined preparation in policy-oriented economics and development theories.

Admission to EPIEI is reserved to graduates of the field of economics and applied social sciences. Applications of candidates specialized in other scientific or humanstic disciplines will be evaluated case by case by the Scientific Committee.

The development field features many new and complex aspects, ranging from the importance of recent migratory phenomena (in Italy as well) to the growing links among human rights, peace, and development. By now the interdependence between social, economic, demographic, and political aspects has become clear, and so has the need for an in-depth study of the world intercultural dimensions. The field of Italian and European Cooperation is in fact undergoing a process of renewal, both legally and operatively. All of these factors have necessitated new directions and expertise. In addition, International Organizations are now playing a central role in governing worldwide development questions, and have become a source of training and employment.

Understanding the growing velocity at which economic alliances take form and dissolve requires specific tools for analysis. The current debate on 'trade versus aid' underlines the importance of multilateral cooperation as fundamental for achieving international economic integration and meeting wider development objectives. This program is intended to equip students with the main tools of professional and analytical economics whether they intend working in government, international organizations or research institutes.


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