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Email: alberto.monti@iusspavia.it

Curriculum vitæ

Alberto Monti is Full Professor of Comparative Law with tenure at the Institute for Advanced Study IUSS Pavia. He teaches Comparative Law and Economics and he is Responsible of the IUSS Social Sciences Class, as well as Risk and Emergency Regulatiohn at the UME (Understanding and Managing Extremes - www.umeschool.it) Graduate School. He also teaches Economic Analysis of Law at Bocconi University in Milan.
Professor Monti is a member of the OECD High-Level Advisory Board on the Financial Management of Large-Scale Catastrophes (www.oecd.org/daf/fin/catrisks) and in this role he performs advisory functions to the OECD Secretary-General on major issues related to the law and policy of disaster risk management and financing.
Admitted to the Italian Bar and specialized in the fields of insurance, reinsurance and financial laws, Professor Monti regularly acts as legal counsel and arbitrator for major international clients. Alberto Monti is also a member of the Banking and Financial Arbitration Panel (Arbitro Bancario Finanziario), an official dispute resolution body hosted by the Bank of Italy and he maintains ongoing collaborations with several international organizations and research centers worldwide, such as the OECD, the World Bank, the European Law Institute, the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law and the Brazilian Institute of Insurance Law.
Alberto Monti has lectured at numerous academic institutions, including Fordham University, New York University, the University of California at Hastings College of the Law, and the University of Connecticut; he also teaches Insurance Law at the Milan Institute of Technology, where he is Scientific Coordinator of the Legal Area in the CINEAS Professional Programs in Insurance.
He received his J.D. (1995, cum laude) from the University of Milan Law School, his LL.M. (2000, Int’l Legal Studies) from New York University (NYU) School of Law and his Ph.D. (2001, Comparative Law) from the University of Trento. He has been Visiting Scholar (1996) and Fellow (1997) at the University of California at Berkeley School of Law, Italian National Reporter in the Common Core of European Law Project, Hauser Global Scholar at New York University (1999/2000), Research Fellow at the ICER - International Centre for Economic Research (2001 and 2002) and Associate Professor of Comparative Law at Bocconi University (2003-2011). Professor Monti published books, articles and reports on Insurance and Reinsurance Law and Economics, Comparative Law and the Financial Management of Catastrophic Risks.


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