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Venetia Kokaraki

Ruolo: Assegnista
Classe: Scienze umane e della Vita


I graduated in Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Crete (Greece) in 2012. I also have a Master’s Degree in Operational Mathematics in Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Crete in 2014. I was a member of the research team of the project ASMOPH, ‘Excellence I’ entitled Analysis, Stochasticity and Climate Modeling Simulation Phase in Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics (IACM). Within this project, my Postgraduate dissertation entitled “Stochastics and Monte Carlo simulations for the description of time series of drug concentration in the blood of volunteers” was conducted. I have good knowledge of programming languages such as C, Fortran and Matlab and statistical packages SPSS and R language. In addition, I worked in Laboratory of Toxicology and forensic Chemistry of University of Crete medical school for the past two years where I have conducted several projects of statistical analysis and risk assessment.

My research project in NEUROSOME focuses on developing the proper modelling framework for estimating population external and internal exposure to xenobiotics, aiming to link external exposure metrics used in association studies to internal dosimetry metrics used in different toxicological testing strategies and identified omics signatures. The work will include the development of lifetime generic physiology-based biokinetic (PBBK) models for humans and animal models, able to describe internal exposure on susceptible developmental stages. Also the model will take into account interaction of multiple chemicals (mixtures interaction) at the level of metabolism, including enzyme inhibition and mechanism-based inhibition.