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25 Novembre 2011: Seminario "The Global Economic Outlook: An Uneven Recovery?"

Il giorno 25 novembre 2011 alle ore 11,00 si terr il seminario "The Global Economic Outlook: An Uneven Recovery?", organizzato nell'ambito delle attivit didattiche del Master in Cooperazione allo sviluppo.

Ospite relatore sar il Dott. Carlos A. Primo Braga, Special Representative and Director, External Affairs, Europe, The World Bank

Di seguito una breve traccia dell'intervento:

"The current global economic outlook is characterized by a combination of good and bad news. Over the last few months, commodity prices increase has moderated, the Japanese recovery (after the natural disasters in March 2011) is proceeding well, and emerging markets growth remains strong. But the Eurozone financial strains have increased and underlying growth momentum in industrialized countries is significantly weaker than 6 months ago. Moreover, even though developing countries fundamentals remain strong, the danger of financial contagion is increasing and their capacity to pursue counter-cyclical policies has been affected. The presentation will discuss to what extent developing countries will be able to continue to display robust growth in view of the growing macro challenges faced by industrialized countries".

Il seminario sar in lingua inglese e avr luogo presso il Collegio Santa Caterina da Siena, Via S. Martino, 17/b - Pavia.