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Understanding and Managing Extremes

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As part of the UME doctoral programme requirements, candidates are required to obtain credits through coursework and other research and training activities. In tandem with the Master (MSc) degree in Civil Engineering for Mitigation of Risk from Natural Hazards jointly offered by Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS Pavia (University School for Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia) and Università degli Studi di Pavia (University of Pavia), PhD candidates have the option to follow a variety of courses as part of their studies. Upon deciding on suitable courses with their advisor(s), students can formally enrol in available courses by contacting the Post-Graduate Office Secretariat.

Courses are taught entirely through English and are typically offered in series on a monthly basis. This allows students to dedicate the majority of their study time to the coursework and have full engagement with the course professors and teaching assistants. The teaching faculty comprises local academics based in Pavia along with renowned individuals from other universities and organisations around the world as part of the diverse, multi-cultural and international environment the UME school strives to foster and maintain. In addition to its MSc courses, there is also the possibility to attend isolated short courses, which are held twice or three times a year, featuring a concise focus on relatively specific topics (ranging from basic to advanced issues). These short courses serve the purpose of complementing the graduate education of all UME school students. 

The courses currently offered in addition to past courses are listed here to give an idea to prospective students and visiting researchers of the UME school’s teaching activities. For students wishing to attend these courses as part of a complete MSc degree, please see this page for further information.

Course Title Instructor(s) Dates
Applied Mathematics Lorenzo Tamellini  
Bridge Structures Gian Michele Calvi  
Computational Mechanics Alessandro Reali, Giulia Scalet  
Dynamics of Structures Haluk Sucuoglu  
Masonry Structures Guido Magenes  
Probability and Statistics for Engineering Applications Paolo Bazzurro  
Reinforced Concrete Structures Boyan Myhailov, Gabriele Guerrini  
Risk Emergency Management and Legislation Alberto Monti, Stefano Moratti, Lydia Velliscig  
Seismic Design of Non-Structural Building Elements André Filiatrault  
Seismic Risk Assessment Paolo Bazzurro, Dimitrios Vamvatsikos September 2021
Steel Structures Roberto Nascimbene  
Fundamentals of Seismic Design Ricardo Monteiro, Gerard J. O'Reilly  
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Carlo G. Lai  
Nonlinear Response Analysis TBD  
Seismic Hazard and Applied Seismology Valerio Poggi  
Course Title Instructor(s) Dates
Computational Fluid Dynamics Stefano Sibilla  
Reliable design and management of urban hydraulic infrastructures Enrico Creaco  
Flood propagation and structural measures for flood risk mitigation Paolo Ghilardi, Persi Elisabetta  
Fluvial Hydraulics Paolo Ghilardi  
Flood Propogation Gabriella Petaccia  
Structural measures for flood risk mitigation Ghilardi Paolo  
Option 2: Probability and statistics for engineering applications Paolo Venini; Paolo Bazzurro  
Fluvial hydraulics Fenocchi Andrea  
Landslide modeling and mitgation strategies Gioffré Domenico  
Continuum Mechanics Sauro Manenti  
Engineering Geology Claudia Meisina  
Hydrological Risk Mario Martina  
Hands-on climate model evaluation Fosser Giulia  
Computational fluid dynamics Fenocchi Andrea  
Advanced structural analysis and fundamentals of seismic design    
Engineering geology and hydromorphology    
Foundation engineering and earth retaining structures    
Snow Avalanches and Related Mountain Natural Hazards Marco Pasian  
Landslides Hazard and Risk Massimiliano Bordoni, Meisina Claudia  
Earth surface and processes Borrelli Pasquale  
Hydromorphology Armaroli Clara  
Geomatics and GIS Andrea Taramelli  
Course Title Instructor(s) Dates
Research-based innovation Riccardo Pietrabissa October - December
Course Title Instructor(s) Dates
Reliability, Risk, and Resilience Modelling Galasso Carmine  
Rischio costiero: prevedere per proteggersi o retrocedere adattandosi Armaroli Clara  
Introduction to Climate Dynamics Gaetani Marco  
Machine learning: basi e sue applicazioni Salvatore Christian  
Paleoclimatology: reading the Past to inform the Future Lupi Claudia