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The Center, established in March 2011, is directed by Cristiano Chesi, Associate Professor of Linguistics. 

The aims and activities of the center are mainly related to the issues of the theory of natural language, in particular to syntax and its interface with semantics and pragmatics, and to the neural localizations and architecture of linguistic processes. The research and didactic activities will be carried out by relying also on agreements with other advanced schools and universities both at national and international levels. 

Focused issues 

The following theoretical, empirical and methodological issues are explored: 

Research on Neurolinguistics 

  • Possible vs. impossible languages 
  • Neuropragmatics 
  • Metaphor processing 
  • Negation in the brain 
  • Neurobiological foundations of syntax 
  • The quest for the neurobiological basis of syntax by awake surgical procedures 

Research on Theoretical syntax 

  • Computation, recursion and complexit 
  • Theory of Movement (Long Distance 
  • Clause structure (expletives, copular inversion and unaccusativity) 
  • Syntax-semantics interface (focus, vocative, definiteness effect) 
  • Directionality (Top-Down, Left-Right) of phrase structure building 

Research on philosophy of mind and language 

  • Consciousness and subjectivity 
  • Neuroethics and Philosophy of neuroscience 
  • Philosophical logic and formal semantics 
  • Logic and philosophy of mathematics 
  • Digital philosophy