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25th November 2014, Seminar at NETS: "Music, Emotions And Cognitive Sciences. With Some Therapeutic Ambitions"

 Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori di Pavia (IUSS)
Centro di Ricerca in Neurolinguistica e Sintassi Teorica (Ne.T.S.)

Dottorato in Neuroscienze Cognitive e Filosofia della Mente
(in collaborazione IUSS e Università “Vita-Salute” San Raffaele di Milano)

“Music, Emotions And Cognitive Sciences. With Some Therapeutic Ambitions”

25th November 2014, 14.00-16.00

Aula 1-17
IUSS, Palazzo del Broletto
Piazza della Vittoria n. 15 – Pavia

> PROF. CRISTINA MEINI – Università del Piemonte Orientale


Since Plato, philosophers are interested in investigating the relationship between music and emotions. The level of disagreement is still high, mainly because the answer is affected by many difficult philosophical issues, such as the nature of emotions themselves, the locus of the emotion (the composer, the performer, the listener, the music, nobody), which music we are interested in (pure music, opera, maybe rock), which listener we are interested in (a musicologist, a non expert cultivated person, everybody). Typically, philosophy of music takes a very attentive person as a prototypical listener, while other disciplines take a more ecumenic position. In psychology, the listener can be a two week old infant, a teenager listening to music while making homework, or a neurological patient.
In my talk, I would like to make interacting philosophy and psychology: on the one hand, I will present some psychological and neurological data concerning persons of different age; on the other hand, I will try to exploit certain philosophical intuitions to help interpreting some clinical cases.