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Innovating Legal Studies and Practice (ILSP) - 6-10 febbraio 2017

Innovating Legal Studies and Practice (ILSP) - 6-10 febbraio 2017
Technology is changing the practice of law and the meaning of being a lawyer today. Legal practitioners and judges already use advanced technological tools in their everyday activity. In addition, technology affects law itself and its assumptions. Even theoretical legal studies are expected to reconsider the way the law is conceived and conceptualized in its current transnational and global status.

The Department of Law of the University of Pavia, the European Center for Law, Science and New Technologies (ECLT) and the Collegio Ghislieri, present the 2017 edition of the course Innovating Legal Studies and Practice (ILSP).
Aim of the course is to answer one of the fundamental needs of contemporary legal environment related to the technological education of people working in that field. Gaining a deeper awareness and knowledge of how new technologies modified the structure and practice of law is an essential feature both for future legal professionals and for people who will more broadly deal with the legal realm.
The method upon which ILSP Winter School relies is just as innovative as its aim. Stemming from an extraordinary synergic cooperation among judiciary, bar and academy, the program of the Winter School offers:

A theoretical part, where an international faculty board introduces the students to themes such as technology and law, legal informatics, legal interoperability, transnational law;
A technological practical part, where, under the supervision of informatics, lawyers and judges, each student will work at a terminal and become familiar with various innovative software platforms which are already used in courtrooms (Consolle) and law firms (Consolle for lawyers and others). Topics include virtual law practice, automated document assembly, technology assisted document review, creation of a professional website, use of social media, and electronic legal work on a multilingual database (ALST). An additional workshop offers practical advice on how to create your own professional website.

The ILSP Winter School is addressed to master degree students (4th - 5th year) and early stage professionals in Law, Political Sciences, Economics and other scientific departments willing to obtain a direct knowledge of advanced technological tools, as well as an overview of the legal implications stemming from these technological innovations.
The Winter School is organized in cooperation with the Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia (IUSS), the Centre for Health Technologies (UNIPV) and the European Law Students Association (ELSA).

Directors: Prof. Paolo Renon (Department of Law, UNIPV), Prof. Amedeo Santosuosso (ECLT, UNIPV).
Deadline for registration: 23 October 2016

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