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March 16th, 2015, Workshop “Origins and Varieties of Logicism”

March 16th, 2015- 10,00
Institute for Advanced Study, IUSS, Pavia
Sala del Camino

Workshop Origins and Varieties of Logicism

NEtS (Neurocognition, Epistemology and Theoretical Syntax) Centre @ IUSS
IUSS San Raffaele PhD Program in Cognitive Neurosciences and Philosophy of Mind

Under the auspices of

Italian Network for the Philosophy of Mathematics, FilMat

Among traditional foundational programs in the philosophy of mathematics, logicism still attracts much attention. In recent times, also thanks to renewed interest in this philosophical endeavour, we witness a revival of studies on the origins of logicism and the various shapes it may assume, also in its relation to apparently rival views such as structuralism. By focusing on recent works on Frege, Dedekind, Peano, Russell, and Carnap, the workshop aims at both an historical and theoretical exploration of the main figures in the philosophical and mathematical milieu in which logicist views were first expounded, in order to shed new light on their legacy for contemporary philosophy of mathematics.


Invited speakers

Marco Panza (CNRS, IHPST & Paris 1 Sorbonne)
Erich Reck (University of California, Riverside)
Paola Cant (Universit Aix-Marseille / CNRS; CEPERC UMR 7304)
Gregory Landini (University of Iowa)
Georg Schiemer (University of Vienna)
Eva Picardi (University of Bologna)


Everyone is invited

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