Pallagrosi Jacopo
Doctoral Student
Organization Unit: CLASSE SUV


In 2018 he graduated in Philosophy at the University of Roma Tre with a thesis on the relationship between Marxism and some trends in the philosophy of language of the 19th and 20th centuries (Supervisor: Prof. Paolo Virno). In 2017 he spent a semester at the Sorbonne Université (Paris IV). Afterwards, he continued his studies at the University  of Roma Tre, obtaining in 2020 the Master’s Degree in Philosophy with a thesis on strong intentionalism and its applicability to some phenomena of consciousness, such as bodily sensations and moods (Supervisor: Prof. Massimo Marraffa; co-supervisor: Prof. Alfredo Paternoster). His research interests concern the philosophy of mind (in particular the issue of the relationship between intentionality and phenomenal consciousness), the philosophy of cognitive sciences, phenomenology, phenomenological psychopathology and the philosophy of language.