Conti Ludovica
Graduate Researcher
Organization Unit: CLASSE SUV


Ludovica Conti is a Research Fellow at the IUSS University School for Advanced Studies of Pavia and works on a joint project IUSS/SNS/IMT on the theme “Understanding public data: experts, decisions and epistemic values” – head of the scientific research: Prof. Andrea Sereni. In 2022 she was a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Logic and Theoretical Philosophy of the Complutense University of Madrid, working on the project “From Vagueness and Truth to Substructural Epistemology and Metaphysics” (supervisor: prof. E. Zardini). In 2019 she obtained her PhD in Philosophy within the Consortium of Philosophy of the North-West - FINO (University of Pavia, supervisors: prof.ssa F. Boccuni,
prof. T. Piazza), with a thesis on “Russell’s Paradox and abstractionist programs. Explanations and Solutions in comparison”.
Her research interests concern the philosophy of mathematics and, in particular, the abstractionist debate.
Her publications deal with logical and foundational problems deriving from the adoption of classical logic and the role of classical logic within abstractionist programs.