Baggio Matteo
Doctoral Student
Struttura di afferenza: CLASSE SUV


Matteo Baggio obtained his Bachelor Degree in Philosophy (2016) at the University of Genoa (Italy) discussing a thesis (Achilles and the Tortoise; supervisor Carlo Penco, thesis advisor Massimiliano Vignolo) on the problem of the justification of deduction detected by Lewis Carroll in his (1895) paper. In the same university he then obtained his Master Degree in Philosophical Methodologies (2019) discussing a thesis (Naturalism and the A Priori; supervisor Massimiliano Vignolo, thesis advisor Marcello Frixione) about the compatibility between a priori knowledge and naturalism. In these years he also took part at the EpiLog seminars for the FINO PhD students, collaborating in the reading groups that published some experimental philosophy articles on Kripke’s theory of reference.

Matteo’s main research interests are epistemology and metaphysics. In particular, his inquiry focuses on two strictly interconnected topics: (i) the relationship between reliabilistic epistemology and the a priori knowledge/justification and (ii) the problems of epistemic access and nature of abstract entities.