Puglioli Sara
Doctoral Student
Organization Unit: CLASSE SUV


In July 2020 I graduated with honors in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Florence. During my Master Thesis I designed, synthesized, and optimized by molecular modeling experiments potential inhibitors for Pannexin-1 channels, a channel membrane protein of pharmaceutical interest. Then, in November 2020 I moved to Basel, Switzerland. Here I worked for nine months as a Research Associate at SpiroChem AG. I designed, planned and performed challenging R&D and custom synthesis projects, including multistep small molecule organic synthesis both for internal and business customers’ projects.
In September 2021, I moved to Zürich and I am now a PhD student at Philochem AG, jointly with IUSS Pavia. I am part of the DNA-Encoded Libraries team. Our final aim is to synthesize innovative DELs, screen them against targets of pharmaceutical interest and then validate the hits through in-vitro/in-vivo experiments.