Georgiev Tony T.
Doctoral Student
Struttura di afferenza: CLASSE SUV


I am an enthusiastic organic chemist with more than 5 years of research experience across 4 different countries and 7 research groups. I have obtained my BSc in Chemistry from Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, where I focused on the research area of organocatalysis in the group of Prof. Dr. Thomas Nugent. Throughout my time there, I also did 2 internships – one in Bulgaria in collaboration with the group of Prof. Dr. Werner Nau (supramolecular chemistry) and the second in the John Innes Center in Norwich, United Kingdom, where I did carbohydrate synthesis. I continued my studies and obtained an MSc in Chemistry from ETH Zürich, where my thesis was focused on small molecule synthesis and methodology in the group of Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Bode. I then proceeded to do a 7-month traineeship in industry at Givaudan AG (Fragrance discovery research) and a 1.5-year academic research position in the group of Prof. Dr. Erick Carreira where I got to experience medicinal chemistry. Currently, I have co-authorship in 3 papers and a few manuscripts in preparation. I started my industrial PhD position at Philochem AG so I could utilize my synthetic chemistry knowledge to make an impact in cancer research, while also developing my knowledge in the area of Biology.