Docente a contratto - Legge 240/10, Art.23
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Francesco Guala holds a BA in Philosophy (Milan, 1994) and a PhD in Philosophy of Science (London School of Economics, 1999). After almost a decade at the University of Exeter, he has moved to the University of Milan, where he is now Professor of Political Economy in the Department of Philosophy. A believer in interdisciplinary research, he makes an effort to speak both to philosophical and scientific audiences. In 2001 he won the International Network of Economic Method Prize and the History of Economics Award, both for best article written by a young scholar. His first book, The Methodology of Experimental Economics was published by Cambridge University Press in 2005. In 2011 he co-edited with Daniel Steel The Philosophy of Social Science Reader (Routledge). His most recent monograph, Understanding Institutions: The Science and Philosophy of Living Together (Princeton University Press, 2016), received the Joseph B. Gittler Award by the American Philosophical Association ‘for an outstanding scholarly contribution in the field of the philosophy of one or more of the social sciences’. For more information see