Luis Guillermo Alvarez Sanchez
Struttura di afferenza: CLASSE STS


Luis studied Civil Engineering at the University of Costa Rica, where he worked as research assistant on the bridge monitoring unit of the Universities laboratory.  He obtained his master’s degree in Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology, completing courses at IUSS Pavia and conducting his graduation thesis in cooperation with the University of Porto.  Immediately after having concluded his master degree and before enrolling into the PhD program at IUSS, Luis worked as a researcher under the tutelage of both IUSS Pavia and the University of Porto, further developing his thesis among other individual projects. Apart from research involvement, Luis worked for three years as a structural designer and site inspector for a well-established private engineering firm in Costa Rica.

The aim of Luis’s Ph.D thesis is to develop and implement methodologies that would improve the description of ground motion to be used for seismic reliability analysis of nuclear power plants in France. In particular, it is intended to contribute to the development of Nocivity (i.e., degree of harmfulness) filtering methodology based on Cumulative Absolute Velocity – CAV -or other ground motion Intensity Measure – IM; and conditional spectra approach to obtain three-component ground motions suitable for best-estimate response distribution assessment and for performance-based analysis