Maarefi Mohammad
Struttura di afferenza: CLASSE SUV


I am Mohammad Maarefi, a PhD student here at IUSS Pavia. I received my first MA in Islamic Philosophy from Imam Sadiq University in 2015 with a thesis on ''Undecidability of a First Order Theory of Ibn Sina's Temporal Logic'' and received my second masters from the University of Leeds in Pure Mathematics in 2018 with a thesis on ''Model Theory of Weakly O-Minimal Structures''.  
I have a passion for Mathematical Logic in general and in theory of models in particular. In my three years in IUSS Pavia, I have a philosophical goal and a mathematical one: to investigate the explanatory role of theory of models in mathematics (in particular real algebraic geometry). My concrete mathematical questions are about the elimination of quantifiers and Imaginaries for Hahn Series Field. 
I see both questions far but interesting as well as challenging to work on.  When free, I play chess and study chess positions and run along the beautiful Ticino river. Feel free to drop me a message if you prefer to know more about my research.