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The research and training activities of the ROSE Centre are focused on the reduction of seismic risk on structures and infrastructures in general. In particular, emphasis is placed on earthquake engineering, engineering seismology, applied geotechnics and geophysics. The activities of the centre therefore comprise:

  • Engineering for the mitigation of seismic risk, which commences with the assessment of seismic hazard and definition of seismic actions to be used in design;
  • Risk assessment related to extreme seismic events, using advanced numerical modelling, experimental techniques and analysis techniques;
  • Quantification of exposure, vulnerability and damage induced in structural and non-structural elements with a view to computing economic losses and make more informed decisions on how to increase the resilience of the built environment and society in general when faced with such extreme events.


The activities carried out at the ROSE Centre are focused on research and training in the field of seismic risk reduction. The Centre aims to further the existing activities of IUSS Pavia in addressing new research topics of an innovative nature, consolidating its current leading role in the field of seismic risk. In particular, the ROSE Centre pursues research lines 2 and 3 of the "Dipartimenti di Eccellenza" project at IUSS Pavia, as well as the upgrading of infrastructure and improving second and third level education and general awareness. As such, the specific objectives of the Centre focus on two main strands:

  • The development of methods and technologies aimed at reducing expected losses in the natural and built environment due to seismic events. Particular focus is given to the damage associated with non-structural elements, installations, contents and indirect losses (e.g. interruptions of activity or change of route in road networks);
  • The review of procedures for defining the actions induced by seismic motions on the built environment in addition to seismic design, evaluation and retrofitting methods that aim to optimise the use of available resources.

The strengthening of research infrastructures is in strong synergy with the Eucentre Foundation, as fully described in the aforementioned "Dipartimenti di Eccellenza" project. As regards training, the ROSE Centre has the general objectives of directly supporting current study programmes at IUSS Pavia. This is by strengthening the national and international positioning of the ROSE curriculum of the PhD in Understanding and Management of Extremes (UME) at IUSS Pavia and the ROSE curriculum of the Master's Degree in Civil Engineering for Mitigation of Risk from Natural Hazards jointly offered with the University of Pavia.